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Cel mai bun laser cu diode europene!

cu chirie sau cumpărare cu 24 de rate fără dobândă!!!

Dioda MILESMAN h1>

2000 de wați cu sistemul VCSEL (Laser cu suprafață verticală), cu o productivitate crescută a productivității laserului (2000 W de Millescman Compact este aproape echivalentă cu 3000 W de altă mașină).
Fără durere și mai rapidă, cu 15 cadre pe secundă (în funcție de manipulare)
Compact, doar 9 lire sterline, pentru transportul facil
Mâner sensibil mai ușor
Temperatura pielii se apropie de -9 grade C
Durata pe tratament (exemplu): Fetele 30 min, axile 5 min
Cumpărați cu 24 de rate fără dobândă & amp; posibilitate de închiriere.



διοδικο milesman
New launch. Incorporates the latest technology developed in the Germany and Spain, combining PORTABILITY and POWER.

New VCSEL system

The cooling unit is completely integrated in the device, so its total weight is a mere 9 kg, and it can reach a temperature of -9º C at the tip.

A high-power diode laser you can trust, with the MILESMAN guarantee. 2000 W and Up to 30 J/cm2

Especially recommended for service delivery, rentals, and itinerant application of hair removal services. Can be used on all types of skin, including tanned or black skin.

12 reasons why MILESMAN PREMIUM is the gold standard laser for HAIR REMOVAL !!

1. Diode laser technology endorsed by the international scientific community*
2. Ultra-cold protection system that protects the skin, leading to less patient discomfort
3. Portable device
4. Quick with three pulses per second (enabling coverage of large areas in a short time)
5. DUAL and fast System: short pulse Mode and 10 Hz multi-pulse mode for tanned skin
6. Long life diodes
7. No consumables
8. Robust device with low maintenance costs
9. Technical service available in less than 24 hours and guarantee of a back-up laser (in some countries)
10. Treats all skin types: white, tanned and dark skin.
11. Easy to use
12. With the guarantee of international quality certifications FDA, CE 0120, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ANVISA

Laser Hair removal

Diode laser for hair removal is a proven and efficient technology for over 15 years.


You have probably heard talk about laser hair removal, but are you really familiar with the physical and medical principles on which hair removal is based? Why does a laser remove hair? Why does hair not grow back? What are the differences between lasers and pulsed light for removing hair? Why do sessions have to be held every two to three months? In this video tutorial, discover all the secrets of diode laser hair removal.